Trophy whitetail deer are the hallmark for Broseco.  To that endeavor, Broseco has created a 900 acre reserve surrounded with game fence to provide the best habitat possible for some monster whitetail bucks.  The terrain is rolling hills covered with oak trees and then drops off into the Sulphur River Bottom.  Trails, food plots, open meadows and a diverse selection of browse, create a productive habitat for the deer and a scenic and challenging hunting area for our hunting guests.

Broseco also has a scientific whitetail deer breeding program.  Our base genetics originated from High, Wide and Heavy Whitetails, an operation owned by Cleon Almond.  High, Wide and Heavy has produced some of the most outstanding bucks in Texas.  Those genetics are being multiplied and then used to stock our pristine reserve and our free range herd.

All trophy hunts are fully guided by experienced guides.  The hunts include hunting from comfortable tower blinds during strategic hours of the day and also stalking at other times.  The guides are prepared to film the hunt, take professional quality still pictures and facilitate the preparation of your trophy for mounting.

Before and after the hunt you will experience exceptional comfort in the beautifulfour bedroom lodge overlooking Caresend Lake.  All the comforts of home plus some fine dining will make it an experience to remember.  Other activities include fishing, skeet shooting, rifle range, varmint hunting, and spotlighting for hogs.

The vast majority of Broseco ranch is free range.  Broseco is bordered on the north by the Sulphur River and on the south by White Oak Creek.  Both of these rivers are considered some of the best wildlife habitat in northeast Texas.

Several years ago, Broseco developed a strategic plan for wildlife and whitetail deer management.  One goal was to develop a management program that would qualify for the Managed Land Deer Program instituted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  By conducting two deer surveys annually and collecting all harvest data, Broseco has qualified for level 3, the highest level, of the MLD program.  This program allows our biologist to analyze the data and then make harvest recommendations for bucks and does to establish and maintain a desirable buck/doe ratio. The MLD program also allows for an extended hunting season that begins October 1 and extends thru February.

Winter food plots, habitat management, and supplemental protein combine to provide the optimum habitat and nutrition for superior recruitment rates and antler development.