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Broseco Ranch is blessed with plentiful water resources. It is home to two (2) one hundred acre lakes, and a seven-acre lake along with numerous ponds, that range mostly in size from two to three acres each.  The three larger lakes are intensively managed for bass and some of the smaller ones sport a good supply of native bass, crappie and other species.

Our two largest lakes, known as the Harvey Branch lake and the Caresend lake both have been upgraded to enhance fishing enjoyment. The shorelines of both of these 100-acre lakes were deepened and structure for fish habitat was put in place. Forage fish and Florida Bass were stocked and feeders are strategically located and maintained around the lakes. As the photos attest, the bass are THRIVING! These lakes are managed professionally by Lochow Ranch as trophy fishing lakes. The sport fishing will be a catch and release program.

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