Dove weed and water are abundant on the ranch and attract large numbers of Mourning Dove. Hunts are by party groups and on a first come, first served basis. The areas are managed for dove hunting include plots planted with sunflowers and maize.


Some of the most pristine waterfowl habitat in northeast Texas is located on Broseco Ranch.  The ranch, located between the Sulphur River and White Oak Creek which is a major flyway for duck and geese.  The combination of sporadically flooded bottomland, several small ponds, and 2 one hundred acre lakes provides the food and water resource to attract large numbers.  Natural duck sloughs are abundant in the Sulphur bottoms.

In addition to the great natural resources, the ranch has also installed water control structures in manmade water impoundments and natural sloughs to control water levels which allows for greater habitat manipulation by planting millet and other native seed producing plants such as smartweed to provide excellent feed sources and attract larger populations of ducks.  Because of the many different types of waterfowl habitat Broseco has, there is a very diverse range of species that utilize each body of water, from dabblers to divers, mallards to pintails and canvasbacks, almost every North American waterfowl species can be hunted during the duck season.

Guided duck hunts from blinds and wading in natural cover are available.  Lodging in the spacious four bedroom rustic lodge and fine dining are part of the package.  There will be no problem in “limiting out” on these hunts and creating a lasting memory.