Broseco has a fifty year history of producing superior cattle.  In recent years it has been recognized by the Beef Improvement Federation, a national organization of animal breeders, as the commercial producer of the year.  It has also been recognized by the Red Angus Association of America as breeder of the year

 Several other breed associations have also honored the ranch with similar recognitions.  Most of the genetics have been purchased from one of the leading seed stock producers in the country, the Rob A Brown Ranch, Throckmorton, Texas

The Broseco mission statement is to produce a “safe, wholesome and nutritious product”  for its customer.

The ranch is home to a commercial herd of cattle used for calf production and a herd of registered Red Angus Cows that are used to produce bulls for use in the commercial operation.  At about seven months of age the calves are weaned, given vaccines to provide immunity against cattle diseases and then moved off the ranch to be grazed on grass for four to six months.

At the end of the grazing period the calves are moved to a commercial feedlot and fed for 150 days.  The product is then marketed by Cargill Meat Solutions in a branded beef program.  The final product is a unique and highly successful retail product that is verified to be wholesome, tender, juicy and flavorful every time.


Broseco ranch has become well known for the high quality replacement heifers and cows that it produces.  All of these females are a result of a planned crossbreeding program to produce cattle with hybrid vigor and the genetic ability to perform well in their home environment.  Emphasis has also been placed on their genetic ability to grow rapidly and produce a high quality, tender and well marbled carcass.

Replacement heifers and cows are available on a private treaty basis.

Broseco Cattle

Cattle genetics, or animal breeding, is critical to any serious cattle producer. Over the past three and a half decades, Broseco has consistently selected cattle that will perform at the ranch, in the feedlot, in the packing house and on the table of our consumers. The quest began with the formation of a classic three breed rotational breeding system. The objective to optimize heterosis (hybrid vigor), with an emphasis on heat tolerance, maternal ability, growth and carcass quality. Red Angus, Beefmaster and Simbrah were initially selected with superior genetics from leading breeders.

Broseco began feeding our calves over 30 years ago. Feedlot performance records along with carcass data provided feedback to move the needle in a positive direction. Data showed that Broseco needed to find bulls and breeds with a higher level of marbling to improve juiceness and flavor. We added the Braunvieh breed to the rotation in the early 90’s and removed the Beefmaster.  

Broseco was a founding member of Rancher’s Renaissance which was a coalition of large ranches, feedlots, and a meat packer (Spade Ranch, King Ranch, Rollins Ranch, Ponoholo Ranch, Parker Ranch, Pitchfork Ranch, Rob Brown Ranch, Tascosa Feedyard, Champion Feedyard, Cattletown Feeders, and Excel, one of the top three packers) intent on producing a better beef product. A vertically coordinated production system was designed to develop a branded product with control from genetics to a retail product. Broseco’s cattle performance in the feedlot and on carcass quality excelled when compared to the other large ranching operations. A branded product, Rancher’s Reserve, was launched with Kroger. That product is still being produced and marketed by several retail outlets. Tom Woodward, Vice President of Broseco served on the Rancher’s Renaissance Board and was Chairman for two years.  

A strategic planning meeting in the early 2000’s prompted Broseco to move to a two breed rotational system. Red Angus continued to be the foundation of the plan with a composite breed, Hotlander, containing Simmental, Senepol, and Brahman being the other part of the rotation. The subsequent herd is referred to as Redline Cattle and are composed of 13/16 Red Angus, 1/16 Simmental, 1/16 Senepol, and 1/16 Brahman.  

Artificial insemination has been used to infuse genetics that improve growth, maternal, and carcass quality.  Broseco made significant investments in top Red Angus sires like Major League, Destination, Shazam, Mission Statement, Paramount, Pacesetter, and Assurance. A registered herd of Red Angus was developed. Bulls from that herd were used on our commercial cows.   

During this journey to produce great cattle and a wonderful eating experience, Broseco has been recognized a number of times by the industry. Broseco received the Commercial Producer of the Year award from the Braunvieh Association in 2000. The Simmental association recognized Broseco in 2002 as the Commercial Producer of the year. The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) recognized Broseco Ranch with its coveted Producer of the Year Award in 2006. The Beef Improvement Federation honored Broseco with the prestigious Commercial Producer of the Year Award in 2007 and again in 2015 with its Pioneer Breeder Award.  

Only a few producers are able to qualify for the Grid Master Award presented by the RAAA. Cattle must meet high standards for carcass quality to earn this award. Broseco received the Grid Master award for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014.

Tom Woodward led the dramatic cattle improvements at Broseco. Over the years, Tom has been recognized by other industry associations. The Texas County Agricultural Agent’s Association has recognized Woodward as Man of the Year in Texas Agriculture and the Forth Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has recognized Woodward with the Bill King award for Excellence in Agriculture. The Red Angus Association of America also recognized him with the John Robbins Leadership Award. Woodward served six years on the RAAA Board and was Vice President for four years.