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Caresend Package

$1,200 / Hunter

  • Two day fully guided hunt
  • Two nights lodging at our exclusive Caresend Lodge
  • Two fully loaded brunches and gourmet evening meals prepared by chef
  • All breakfast foods, drinks and snacks provided
  • Blinds, feeders, food plots
  • Minimum 3 hunters, Maximum of 6
  • Skinning, Quartering, walk in cooler provided
  • Trophy fees apply
  • $600/day/hunter for additional day


Lakehouse Package

$600 / Hunter

  • Two days hunting and two nights lodging at Lake house
  • Lake house has a fully equipped kitchen to cook your own food
  • Minimum of 3 hunters, maximum of 6 hunters per group
  • Semi-guided deer hunts
  • Blinds, feeders, & food plots
  • Process your own harvest
  • $200/day/hunter for additional days
  • Trophy fees appl

Trophy Fees:

  • Up to 109 7/8 $300
  • 110 – 119 7/8 $600
  • 120 – 129 7/8 $900
  • 130 – 139 7/8 $1,700
  • 140 – 149 7/8 $2,700
  • 150 – 159 7/8 $3,700
  • 160 – 169 7/8 $4,700
  • 170 – 179 7/8 $5,700
  • 180 – 189 7/8 $6,700
  • 190 – 199 7/8 $7,700
  • 200 – 209 7/8 $8,700
  • 210+ Inquire
  • Harvest Doe – $150 each



Caresend Package

$1,200 / Hunter

  • Two day fully guided hunt
  • Two nights lodging at our exclusive Caresend Lodge
  • Two chef prepared gourmet evening meals
  • Two chef prepared fully loaded brunches & snacks
  • Blinds, decoys, feeders, food plots & walk in cooler available
  • Morning only for duck/dove, evening hunts for hogs & predators
  • Minimum 3 hunters
  • NO Trophy Fees

Duck/Dove & Hog Hunt

Lakehouse Package

$600 / Hunter

  • Two day hunting and two nights lodging at the lake house
    (3 bedroom, 2 bath, lake house, with 6 beds)
  • Lake house has a fully equipped kitchen to cook your own food.
  • Minimum of 3 hunters, maximum of 6 hunters
  • Duck/Dove & Hog Hunts are Semi-Guided.
  • Blinds, feeders & food plots
  • Process your own harvest
  • $200/day/hunter for additional days


DOVE & HOG HUNTS are scheduled during the month of September only.

DUCK & HOG HUNTS are scheduled during Duck Season (dates will vary).



Caresend Package

(Only offered the Month of February)

$1,200 / Hunter

  • Two day fully guided hunt
  • Two nights lodging at our exclusive Caresend Lodge
  • Two chef prepared gourmet evening meals
  • Two chef prepared fully loaded brunches & snacks
  • Blinds, feeders, food plots & walk in cooler available
  • Spotlighting included
  • Minimum 3 hunters
  • NO Trophy Fees

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$200 / hunt discount given on all packages for minors 12 years old and younger when accompanied by a parent paying full price.

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**Gratuities for guide/chef are customary and are not included in price of hunt, but are appreciated. Amounts may vary based on hunter’s experience.


Thank you for choosing BROSECO Ranch as your premier hunt destination.  We intend to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience which begins with proper pre-hunt planning.  Read through the entirety of this information as a general guideline in preparing for your hunt.

1. Very important— BROSECO does offer airport shuttle at no additional cost to our clientele.  If you want BROSECO to provide airport shuttle, your scheduled arrival and departure times must be coordinated well in advance of your hunt date with us; otherwise, you will need to rent a vehicle and we will provide directions to camp.  Renting a vehicle will allow you extra flexibility if you decide to do some sightseeing or leave camp early.

2. A 50% deposit is due prior to hunt in order to secure and confirm hunt dates.  Remaining balance is due upon arrival at the ranch.  Waivers, releases and hunter profiles must be signed at this time as well, and safety guidelines and general rules will be presented before your hunt begins.  Cancellations will result in the forfeiture of deposit, unless hunt can be rescheduled at a later date.

3. Don’t forget to practice with your firearm.

4. There may be an opportunity to combine different types of game hunting, fishing and other activities while you are here, but we need to discuss ahead of time so that we can make arrangements.  Inquire for further assistance.

5. If for any reason there are fees due before the end of your hunt (i.e., trophy fees on additional animals), these fees must be paid in full before your departure, so be prepared with proper payment before you come on your hunt. Keep in mind that a wounded animal is consider a harvest.  All major credit card payments are accepted (except American Express), cash and approved check.

6. Attend your hunt with an open frame of mind.  There are many variables we deal with in conducting hunts, thus, we ask you to be understanding of various situations that are inherent to a hunting trip.

Here are a few ideas that will help ensure a successful hunt:


Having the proper equipment, clothing, and travel items can make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable hunting trip.  It is better to be over prepared than under stocked.  The following checklist should cover some of the essentials.

– reliable gun(s)/pistol/bow/fishing equipment

– flight tickets

– ammo

– camera and film

– binoculars

– gloves

– flashlight/headlamps

– hunting clothes

– hunting boots (waterproof)/rubber boots

– backpack or hunting pack

– rain gear

– sunglasses

– video camera (recommended)

– sun screen

– ice chest

– bug spray/thermacell(recommended)

– special medication

– preferred snacks

– shooting bipod

1. Clothing should be suited for temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 80 degrees.   Check internet weather forecast prior to hunt.   Clothing that allows you to layer up is best.  Camo is recommended but not essential.

2. We do not provide alcoholic beverages in camp.  We will allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages, but we will enforce certain drinking/hunting policies.

3. HUNTING LICENSE.  The state of Texas requires that all hunters must have a hunting license to legally hunt any animal.  All hunters who were born on or after September 2, 1971, must have successfully completed a Hunter Education Training Course.  A license can be purchased at license agent upon or before your arrival, or through the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.  License fees vary depending on residency and type of hunting, for more information visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.  Broseco is not required to ensure that you have a proper hunting license or hunter education, but be aware that we maintain a very pleasant working relationship with Texas Game Wardens that will ensure that you do.  Hunting licenses are not included in the price of the hunt and are purchased at the hunters expense.

4. For those hunters interested in keeping their meat, you must take it back with you, either on airplane in ice chest or in vehicle if you drive.  We do not ship meat, but we can get it to a local meat processor for you.  You will be given their contact information and once meat is delivered to processor it is the hunters responsibility to pay for and obtain their meat.

5. All trophies can be caped and frozen upon request.  We do offer local taxidermy and European Mount services and we can take your trophy to the taxidermist that we use.  Hunter will be given taxidermist information and once trophy is delivered it is the hunters responsibility to pay for and obtain their trophy mount. If hunter prefers to have a taxidermist of his own do the work you must take to cape and/or antlers back with you.

6. Shooting Practice

It cannot be overemphasized how important it is for you to put some time in at the range.  We recommend you visit the range a minimum of two times during the six-week period preceding your hunt, firing a minimum of ten rounds per trip.  Make sure you practice from shooting positions that are realistic field situations, such as prone, elbows on knees, leaning against a tree, etc.  If you plan on using a gun mounted bipod, be sure to practice with one.  We recommend that your gun be sighted in for 100 yards dead on.  If you decide to sight your gun high at 100 yards, it should not be more than 1.5 inches high at that distance.  We do have a gun range where hunters will be required to make sure their firearms are sighted in before the hunt begins.


Providing a safe and memorable hunting experience is our goal at Broseco.  Upon arrival at Broseco for your hunt, the guide will review all safety rules with each hunter.  Safety is our first and most important concern.  Safety for the hunter is critical but also safety for the employees, livestock and facilities on the ranch.  The safety rules will be in written form and each hunter will sign a form indicating they have read and understand the rules.

Once that is completed the game manager or guide will review the game laws for the State of Texas and make sure that every hunter has the proper license.  The hunting manager will then review the game management at Broseco and explain the bag limit and specifications for the game that is being hunted.

Fishing rules and regulations will also follow safety rules.  The trophy bass fishing is a catch and realease program.  The guide will take pictures and measurements so that the guest will have the necessary information to have a likeness created by the taxidermist.


Thank you for choosing to be our customer and for the confidence you have placed in us.  The staff and management at BROSECO Ranch, from our office to our camp, will do everything within our means to earn your continued trust and goodwill.  Your hunting success and personal satisfaction are very important to us.  Just as you have certain expectations of us, we have certain expectations of you.  Once again, thank you for being our customer.  We look forward to seeing you in camp.   You have our personal promise that we will do the best we can to ensure an enjoyable hunting experience for you.